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Grid welded mesh

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Grid welded mesh

Grid welded mesh  is made up of Digitally Welded high strength wires into square and rectangular mesh types. This Type of mesh features a firm structure, quick and simple installation process, it is widely used on building and agriculture for the reinforcement of concrete structure, floor slabs, brick walls and so on.

RWM-01: Square reinforcing welded mesh.

RWM-02: Rectangular reinforcing welded mesh.

Specifications of Grid welded mesh

  • Width: Max 1200mm
  • Length: unlimited

Features of reinforcing welded mesh

  • MS Digitally welded with uniform
  • Even surface, firm structure and precise opening.
  • Quick and simple site installation process.
  • Durable and long service life.


Applications of Grid welded mesh

  • Reinforcement of concrete structures in building.
  • Reinforcement of road surfaces or parking areas.
  • Making frames.
  • Manufacture of various fences.
  • Used as masonry mesh.
  • Animal cages such as Rabbit and Chicken Cages